Individual Excellence Awards

The main objective of this annual award is to Encourage the spirit of competition and excellence between employees and the government entities as well, and honoring the distinguished, to motivates everyone to improve the performance levels and follow quality and excellence standards.


Award categories

This category is allocated for government employees in the following categories:

  • Employee of the year:

This category is allocated to all employees of government, included ministries, governorates, and universities for administrative, financial and consultancy positions of all kinds and the diversity of their titles, as well as the scientific research and studies centers officers and front-office specialists in Citizen Service Centers.


This category of award is devoted to the first, second, and third grades government employees.


  • Teamwork:

This category of award is devoted to focusing on and encouraging the achievements of the teamwork within government entities, which include ministries, governorates, and the administrative apparatus of universities in order to enhance the importance of building teamwork leads to successful achievements


Terms of Participation:

Targeted governmental institutions by this category nominate individuals and / or teamwork by following the steps below to confirm their participation in the second round of the award for the year 2020:


  • Download the award guide and reviewing the Assessment criteria.


  • Nominate the employee / team work who meet the candidacy conditions and Achieve high performance levels in accordance with all the criteria.


  • The nominated employee must be among those appointed to the first, second and third grades.



  • The nominated team work must have been accomplished achievements within at least two years from the date of submission and not a team with a future work plan.


  • For teamwork, the maximum number of members is 7, and this number may include a maximum of two members from outside the government apparatus.


  • Create an official (government) email address for the entity’s main excellence ambassador to use it for the applications submitting website for candidacy for employees (individuals) and for teamwork (in case there is an excellence ambassador responsible for submitting the nomination in other categories, he can submit a request Nomination for individual award categories without any need to register a new user name).


  • Each nominated employee for the government employee of the year award category or the head of the team nominated for the teamwork award category is responsible for preparing candidacy applications according to the criteria mentioned in the guide and submitting them to the ambassador of excellence responsible for each entity to in order to upload on the submission website.


  • Completed the candidacy application form (online) according to the assessment criteria, as incomplete applications will be disqualified.


  • Online submission date October 1,2020 through the award's website, and an explanatory video will be sent to all coordinators to clarify how to submit the required data in the candidacy application online. Printed/hardcopies applications will not be taken into consideration only the data submitted online.


  • Submission deadline October 30, 2020.
  • All employees and teamwork must continue to carry out their responsibilities normally in accordance with the best practices mentioned in the guide even after submitting the candidacy application. Where The assessment teams will begin their work immediately after the closing date for nomination in order to select the shortlist of candidates and carry out field visits in order to present the final results to the jury and announce the winners.



Criteria for the” employee of the year award”

The First criterion: Achievements and future perception

The Second criterion: Innovative thinking

The Third criterion: learning and new thinking

The Fourth Criterion: Innovative Awareness

The Fifth criterion: Positive personality



Criteria for the “Teamwork Award”


The first criterion: the methodology of teambuilding

The second criterion: the methodology of team work

The third criterion: cooperation and team spirit

The Fourth Criterion: Achievements

The Fifth criterion: Result Assessment


Eligibility for the “employee of the year and/ or Teamwork Award”:

  1. employee / team achieved the highest score in the total in the participating category at all levels of assessment criteria
  2. absence of any administrative, financial or legal irregularities is required.

 In case of non-fulfillment of the conditions, the award will be awarded to the next candidate.