Innovation and Creativity Award

Terms of Participation

  • Creative idea / initiative applied by the employees / teamwork from the government applicant.
  • Creative idea / initiative has already achieved positive impact to solve management problems, develop and improve the services system for citizens
  • Creative idea / initiative has been implemented during the three years 2017/2018/2019, and any idea/ initiative before this period will be excluded.

Assessment Criteria:


Main Criteria

Innovation and Creativity 40%

highly responsiveness of the idea / initiative to “Egypt vision2030”



Impact and Deployment 60%

Effectively Implementation to achieve the qualitative and quantitative objectives of the idea.


Results and impact

Documents and guidelines.


Eligibility for the “Innovation and Creativity Award”

  1. Achieved the highest result in the overall total in the participating category at all levels of the government excellence system criteria.


  1. The ownership rights of the idea /initiative shall belong to the governmental entity and not in dispute with any other governmental or private entities
  2.  Absence of any administrative, financial or legal irregularities is required.

In the case that these conditions are not met by the entity that achieved the highest score, the award will be awarded to the next entity in total, provided that all the conditions are met.