Governmental Services Websites Award

Terms of Participation

  • The website must already provide all or some of that entity’s services electronically, not just a display of the services and how to obtain them.
  • The website must be registered a domain name ending in ( ), ( ) or ( .eg ).
  • Arabic is the official language for the website.

Assessment Criteria:


Main Criteria

Technical Criteria 60%

Domain and hosting

Website design

User experience and usage Content

Easy access

E-participation and social networks

Information security and protection



Services criteria  40%

Integration of service delivery

Supporting channels




Eligibility for the “Governmental Services Websites Award”

The entity must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Achieved the highest result in the overall total in the participating category at all levels of the government excellence system criteria.
  2. Website engagement should not be less than 500 visitors since its creation until May 1, 2020.
  3.  Absence of any administrative, financial or legal irregularities is required.

In the case that these conditions are not met by the entity that achieved the highest score, the award will be awarded to the next entity in total, provided that all the conditions are met.