Governmental Service Institution Award

Terms of Participation

Applying for participation is obligatory for citizen service centers/ units/ offices where the following conditions are met:

  • The center has an independent headquarters with an institutional identity consistent with the identity of its institution (a sign bearing the name of the entity)
  • The number of front offices should not be less than two.
  • The number of working days should not be less than 5 days per week.
  • The center should have a responsible director.
  • The average monthly number of customers should not be less than 1000. and not less than 100 for rehabilitation offices.
  • The center must be fully automated.
  • The applicant entity must submit a guide (printed from the system) on the total number of operation that took place in the last 6 months and attached to the candidacy application.

Award Categories:

  • Post Offices.
  • Notary Public Office
  • Health Offices
  • Food Subsidy Offices
  • Citizen Service Centers


Assessment Criteria:

  • Strategic Connectivity and Leadership
  • Priority for Citizen/ customer
  • Services and delivery channels.
  • Customer experience
  • Service efficiency and innovation
  • Empowering human resources
  • Integrated technology.



Eligibility for the “Governmental Service Institution Award”

The entity must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Achieved the highest result in the overall total in the participating category at all levels of the government excellence system criteria.
  2. That the entity’s results in the” Mystery Shopper program” - which managed by the award - should be higher than the average of the participated entities.
  3.  Absence of any administrative, financial or legal irregularities is required.

In the case that these conditions are not met by the entity that achieved the highest score, the award will be awarded to the next entity in total, provided that all the conditions are met.