About the Award

"Egyptian Government Excellence Award " was launched in 2018 by H.E President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, president of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to achieve an efficient and effective government administrative body and applies the concepts of governance to contribute in the development Egyptian government performance which will lead to the increase in citizen satisfaction for the objectives of “Egypt Vision 2030”.

The main objective of this annual award is to encourage the spirit of competition and the culture of excellence at the institutional and individual levels to achieve better citizen satisfaction rates through Promoting the spirit of innovation and creativity and rewarding excellence models.

The government excellence system has been designed, prepared and used as a basis for assessment, included three main Pillars:

  1. Vision realization.
  2. Encouraging innovation
  3. Excellence Enablers.

these Pillars aim to determine the level of development that these entities have reached in their journey towards leadership, identify opportunities for improvement that will help the entity to achieve their goals, and to explore new ways of thinking and the method of planning, implementing and developing government work by adopting innovative principles and concepts that have been tried and applied in UAE government which proved effectiveness in achieving leading results.

This award comes within the framework of the strategic partnership between Egypt and the UAE in the field of government modernization which seeks to achieve cooperation and sharing knowledge practices and successful experiences in the field of monitoring and measuring performance indicators in the Egyptian government.

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ُEgyptian Government Excellence Award to Africa

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Award Brief in English

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Award Brief in French



Distinguished governmental institutions and bodies in all aspects in performance to improve the quality of life for the Egyptian citizen and to enhance the leadership and competitiveness of the Egyptian state.


Support building the capabilities and culture of excellence among government institutions and stakeholders, to achieve quality of life and enhance the leadership and competitiveness of Egypt through effective participation in forming an ecosystem that achieves sustainability of excellence in performance and shed light on best practices that support innovation to change the future.


  • Transparency: disclosing all needed procedures and enhancing accountability and governance for all award procedures.
  • Cooperation: working as one team with clear objectives and outcomes through an understandable work system, provides support needed to the team.
  • Add Value: provide solutions and support in all possible ways to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in accordance with international best practices.
  • Proficiency: doing the work properly in accordance with international standards to ensure quality.


  • Achieving better citizen / employee satisfaction rates.
  • Change the philosophy of government work and spread the culture of quality and excellence.
  • Encouraging competitiveness among government institutions at all national, local and regional levels.
  • Promoting the spirit of innovation and creativity and rewarding excellence in the Egyptian society.
  • Shedding light on the successful models of institutions and individuals in the government sector.
  • Building a new institutional model that applies the concepts of governance and sustainability in the state's administrative apparatus.